Pure Trophy Clover & Monster Magnet Combo ***Free Shipping***

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Pure Trophy Clover & Monster Magnet Combo

A unique 2 blend combination that will provide a great hunting plot for this Fall and a thick lush clover plot next Spring

Together Plants 1 Acre


2  4 lb Bags of our popular Pure Trophy Clover blend with 5 varieties of hearty clover

1  8.5 lb Bag of our Spring Monster Magnet  annual blend (soybeans, Spring Peas, Turnips, Radishes, sunflowers, common vetch & grain sorghum) 

Plant one 4lb bag of clover together with the Monster Magnet this Spring, keep the second bag of clover and Frost Seed early next Spring.


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*Plant together on one acre the Monster Magnet and one bag of the Pure Trophy Clover.

*Plant late Spring to early Summer, best if you do some weed control at least once prior to planting.  Planting instructions are included.

*The following Spring,  Frost Seed in the second bag of Pure Trophy Clover prior to Spring green up.