How to Remove Stumps in Poor Man’s Plots

How to Remove Stumps in Poor Man’s Plots

Posted by Bill Winke on 4th Apr 2018


When you make your poor man plots do you worry about the small stumps/roots from brush you’ve cut down?

Ideally, you would kill the trees (or the stumps) when you cut them down so they don’t re-sprout. You can do this with Garlon 3A and not have any residual effect on the ground around the stumps. Don’t overdo it, but treating those stumps will assure that they die. Then, I think I would just till right through them. They are small enough that they will pass right through the tiller. I have left much larger stumps, on occasion and then I have had to watch for them and till around them so as not to beat up the tiller. Little by little, over time, those roots will start to come up when you till and break apart.

Thanks Bill