When Is The Best Time To Plant Clover?

When Is The Best Time To Plant Clover?

Posted by Bill Winke on 19th Mar 2018

Here at Frigid Forage, we often get asked about our clover food plots for deer, when to plant clover, how long cloer food plots last, etc. In this post, we will explain what we do and recommend.

When to Plant Clover For Deer?

Customer Question: I noticed that you sometimes plant clover in your food plots for the Spring. Come Fall, do you leave the plots in clover? I tend leave my plots bare, kill off the weeds in late Summer and plant new plots (not clover) during that time. If you have limited food plots what would you use for year round use?

Frigid Forage's Recommendations for When to Plant Clover Food Plots for Deer

Bill Responds: Generally, I will leave my spring planted deer clover plot in clover for the fall. In fact, clover will last three years if maintained correctly (mowed at least once per year, possibly sprayed for grasses annually and fertilized annually). If the deer clover is looking good, there is no reason to kill it and till it under unless you want to plant something like Big N Beasty there for the fall. Then, the clover becomes a valuable source of nitrogen for the nitrogen hungry brassicas. Your approach will work too, but I just like to have clover in some plots year around because it greens up fast in the spring and the deer hit it hard when they are coming out of winter. Also, it is very attractive during most of the fall. It is only the months of December – February when the clover is not hard hit in my area. That is when other plots fill the void (like Big N Beasty or grains like corn and beans).

If I had limited food plot acres, I would have 1/2 of the total acres in clover year around and the other 1/2 in brassicas (as stated, I like Big N Beasty). Then, every two years I would rotate them. Till under the clover in late July and switch that plot to clover for two years. Also, I would frost seed clover into my Big N Beasty plots every winter so I had something through the summer and then either leave it (on rotation years) or till it under and replant Big N Beasty again.

Good luck - Bill


Frequently Asked Questions on When To Plant Clover Plots

Can you plant clover in the fall? Spring? July?

Yes, you can still plant our deer clover food plot seed in the Fall, Spring, and July. Our plant clover blend is versatile and will thrive in a wide range of conditions.

When to plant clover for deer?

I like to have the clover in some plots year around because it greens up fast int he Spring and the deer hit it hard when they are coming out of winter.

When is the best time to plant clover?

The best time to plant clover is in Spring or late Summer/early Fall. It is also a great choice for frost seeding.

Where can I buy clover?

You can buy clover right here from Frigid Forage. View our Pure Trophy Clover Mix or our Plow Down Clover, both great options.

What time of year do deer eat clover?

Deer will eat clover year around, but they especially eat it during Fall and right after Winter.

When to mow clover food plot?

You should mow your clover food plot at least one per year and possibly spray for grasses and fertilize annually. Then, the clover can last up to three years.