When to Spray Grass Herbicide For Clover Food Plots

When to Spray Grass Herbicide For Clover Food Plots

Posted by Bill Winke on 15th Apr 2019

In short, you should spray clover food plots with a grass herbicide like Clethodim 2E, if the grass competition is strong. You should mow it in late spring to control broadleaf weeds. If you want to have a nice clean clover food plot in the fall, you need to maintain it during the summer.

Frigid Forage Customer Question

Hi Bill, when starting a plow down clover or any clover food plot, when should I spray the clover food plot with grass herbicide? In addition, what herbicide should I use to ensure it out competes the grasses and broad leaves? I've got really good germination and I'm now just noticing since we've got several days of rain that the grasses are starting to make a big jump as well. Can I spray now while the clovers are coming up or should I wait until they get a couple inches tall? Thanks!

Bill & Frigid Forage's Answer

Generally, you want the weeds to be growing very quickly when you spray so that you get a good kill. If the soil temperature is a bit cold, the weeds will slow down their growth and that will reduce the quality of your kill. With that in mind, you should probably wait just a bit longer, maybe two more weeks.

Clethodim 2E Herbicide

The best herbicide for killing grass in clover and alfalfa is Clethodim 2E herbicide. It comes in many different brand names, like Arrow 2EC and Dakota.

Killing Broadleaf Weeds in Clover

To kill broadleaf weeds in clover, you can normally kill them by mowing in the late spring. Unless they are really bad, you generally don’t have to spray them. If that is the case then a broadleaf herbicide for clover, like Imox, is a good option. Good luck.

When to Spray Clover Food Plots with Grass Herbicide

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