Frost Seeding Rate

Frost Seeding Rate

Posted by Bill Winke on 12th Mar 2018

Hi Bill, I am going to frost seed a 1/4 acre of Frigid Forage Pure Trophy Clover here soon. I’m thinking of seeding at about 3 lbs for this since I’m frost seeding. Its about a 4 lb for a half acre when seeded normally. What would you recommend? 


In my experience, frost seeding does pretty well as long as you have good open ground to work with. If there is weed residue and leaves, then it doesn’t do as well. With that in mind, I think you are probably OK. Just remember that if the ground is bare, you might be over-seeding slightly at that rate. Each situation is a bit different depending on the likelihood of good seed to soil contact, but I always feel that as a general rule, a 25% rate increase for broadcast seeding of clover is about right compared to the rate on the bag.  

Thanks Bill