Autumn Quick Plot – 25 lb / 1.5 Acre Bag

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Autumn Quick Plot Description

Autumn Quick Plot is a fast growing blend of annuals and biennials formulated to be planted in food plots from late Summer to early Fall. Planting a late Summer to early Fall food plot provides a fresh green option for your deer when most natural and agricultural sources are maturing and drying up. Extend your hunting season with Autumn Quick Plot!

The fresh green growth of Autumn Quick Plot will help draw deer into huntable locations while providing a good high-energy food source prior to Winter. The Winter peas, Witner wheat, and forage brassicas in Autumn Quick Plot will stay green long after a hard frost, providing a great draw late into the season.

When To Plat Autumn Quick Plot

Autumn Quick Plot is best planted mid-August to mid-September in areas that receive at least 4 hours of sunlight per day.

Frigid Forage Pro Tip: It works well for early season archery, so you should allow 3-4 weeks of growth before hunting.

How To Plant Autumn Quick Plot

The ideal soil for Autumn Quick Plot is heavier loam or light clay soil, but does well in almost any soil with proper moisture.

  1. Approximately one month before planting, condition the soil with a roto-tiller, disc, chisel plow, or similar equipment to prepare a good seed bed. Then, allow the existing vegetation to grow back and then spray with RoundUp one or two weeks before planting.
  2. Spread fertilizer
    • The soil should be fertile with a pH of 6.0 to 7.5. If you are unsure of your soils fertility or pH, have your soil tested. Your local farm coop or fertilizer dealer can usually help with this. Add lime as needed to improve pH.
    • A good fertilizer recommendation is 200 lbs/acre of 19-19-19.
    • If you see your plants turning purple and/or yellow, it is lacking nutrients.
  3. When you are ready to plant, loosen up the topsoil with a drag or chain link fence. Do not till too deep as this will only bring more weed seeds to the surface.
  4. Broadcast 15 lbs per acre.
    • Since Autumn Quick Plot is a blend with seeds of different size, care should be taken when setting your seed so you don’t make the opening too large and run out your seed too fast.
    • Frigid Forage Pro Tip: Keep an eye on the forecast before planting as it is best to do your planting right before a rainfall.
  5. Drag the seed bed and cover the seed with 1⁄4 – 1⁄2 inch of top soil.
  6. Use a cultipacker, roller, or even your ATV tires to pack the field to ensure good seed/soil contact.

The following year you will see some re-growth in early Spring that will benefit your deer herd. However, it tends to mature quickly and can either be mowed down or plowed under for “green fertilizer” to help build up your soil.

For more in-depth planting instructions, view our Autumn Quick Plot planting instructions here.

Weed Control Tips

  • As with all food plots, it is always easiest and cheapest to start with a weed free seed bed using glyphosate (RoundUp). Begin soil preparation in mid-Summer. Spray emerging vegetation 2 weeks before planting your Autumn Quick Plot.
  • Due to the late Summer planting time of Autumn Quick Plot, weed control is easier than many blends and weed competition should not be much of an issue.

Autumn Quick Plot Seeding Rate

The recommended seeding rate is 25 lbs per acre. Therefore, this 25 lb bag is suitable for 1.5 acres.

Product Specifications

Size: 25 lbs

Autumn Quick Plot Seeding Rate: 15 lbs per acre

Contains: Austrian Winter Peas, Winter Wheat, Winter Rye, Forage Radish, Forage Turnip, Forage Rape, and Common Vetch

These blends and individual seeds are guaranteed and meet all the requirements and specifications of the US Dept of Agriculture. Each package lists the percent breakdown of the seed varieties in each pack. Each package is attractive for the customer, and contains information such as site preparation, planting instructions, plot maintenance, fertilizing, mowing, etc.