Monster Magnet – 8.5 lb / 1/2 Acre Bag

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8.5 lb bag plants 1/2 acre


Monster Magnet Planting Tips
  1.  Monster Magnet is best planted in late Spring, be sure and wait until after the danger of a killing frost is over.
    *Typically mid-May to Early June depending on your location. Take the time to prepare your seed bed properly and kill any existing vegetation. Better to plant a week or two later than rush your planting. 
  2. Monster Magnet prefers a heavier loam or light clay soil, but does well in most any soil with good sunlight and proper moisture.
  3. As mentioned above, you want to kill any existing vegetation prior to planting to achieve the best results. Till the soil with a plow or disk to a depth of about 6”. Prepare a good seed bed as early as possible so weeds have a chance to begin growing. Spray with Roundup or glyphosate about two weeks before planting.
  4. When you are ready to plant lightly disc or work just seed bed surface with a drag or chain link fence to further prep the soil. No need to till too deep as this will only bring more weed seeds to the surface where they can germinate.
  5. Soil should be fertile with a pH of 6.5 to 7.5. If you are not sure of your soils fertility or pH, have your soil tested. Your local farm co-op or fertilizer dealer can usually help with this. Ad lime as needed to improve pH. *A good fertilizer recommendation is 300-400 lbs of 19-19-19. 
  6. Broadcast at 15 lbs/acre
  7. Because of the difference in seed size within Monster Magnet, broadcasting seems to work best.
    *You can open your seeder so all seeds pass through, but be prepared to travel fast. You may want to try just a portion of the bag at first so you don’t run all your seed through too quickly.
    *Some people have had good luck opening their seeder just enough for the small seed to pass through then go back over the field again with the opening set for the larger seeds. 
  8. Drag the seed bed and cover the seed with no more than ••• inch of top soil.
  9. **Important ** Use a cultipacker, roller, or your ATV tires to pack the field to insure good seed/soil contact. This is a step that you do not want to skip. Cultipacking can make up for a lot of shortcomings in planting and field prep.
  10. Wait for rain! As with all plantings, the sooner it rains the better so watch your weather forecast and try to plant before a reasonable chance of rain.
Weed Control Tips
  • As with all food plots it is always easiest and cheapest to start with a weed free seed bed using glyphosate (Roundup). Begin soil preparation during the previous Fall or as early in the Spring as possible. Spray emerging vegetation 2 weeks before planting your Monster Magnet. 
  • I know we keep bringing it up, but weed control before planting is especially important because once you have planted your Monster Magnet it cannot be mowed and it is not RoundUp Ready.

These blends and individual seeds are guaranteed and meet all the requirements and specifications of the US Dept of Agriculture. Each package lists the percent breakdown of the seed varieties in each pack. Each package is attractive for the customer, and contains information such as site preparation, planting instructions, plot maintenance, fertilizing, mowing, etc.