Alfalfa 8.5 lb 1/2 acre bag

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8.5 lb bag plants 1/2 Acre


For-Max Alfalfa 

For-Max Alfalfa is a high-yielding, winter hardy blend of proprietary alfalfas adapted specifically to the Northern Great Plains. The large leaf matter delivered from the For-Max product makes this option an extremely high quality, palatable forage. With an excellent disease rating, this product will produce powerful tonnage in a variety of environments.


*Very good winter hardiness.

*Holds up well to frequent grazing.

*Deep rooted/drought tolerant

*Long lasting

*Seeding rate 15-18 lbs/acre


*Works well when planted with Forage Chicory 


Alfalfa is sensitive to low pH levels so needs to be 6.5 to 7 so we highly recommend a soil test.

Does not grow well in heavy moist soils and areas with limited sunlight.