Big-N-Beasty – 4 lb / 1 Acre Bag

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Big-N-Beasty Description

Our #1 selling food plot blend of 4 high protein forage rapes, forage turnips, daikon radishes, and sub-zero kale. It is an ideal food plot for veterans and beginners alike as it is an easy to grow blend that will draw deer during the hunting season while still providing nutrition deep into the winter months. If you're planting one food plot, this is the one for you.

When To Plant Big-N-Beasty

Big-n-Beasty is typically planted late July to early August depending on your location. It needs approximately 45-60 days to grow. It is best if planted just before a rain.

Frigid Forage Pro Tip: Have fields prepared and ready to go, and then watch the weather forecast.

How To Plant Big-N-Beasty

The ideal soil for Big-N-Beasty is a well-drained heavier loam or clay soil. However, it is capable of going in almost any soil, given it has proper nutrients and moisture.

  1. Approximately one month before planting, condition the soil with a roto-tiller, disc, chisel plow, or similar equipment to prepare a good seed bed. Then, allow the existing vegetation to grow back and then spray with RoundUp one or two weeks before planting.
  2. Spread fertilizer
    • The soil should be fertile with a pH of 6.5 to 7.5. If you are unsure of your soils fertility or pH, have your soil tested. Your local farm coop or fertilizer dealer can usually help with this. Add lime as needed to improve pH.
    • A good fertilizer recommendation is 300-400 lbs/acre of 19-19-19 followed by an application of 100lbs/acre of urea (46-0-0) after 4-6 weeks.
    • If you see your plants turning purple and/or yellow, it is lacking nutrients.
  3. When you are ready to plant, loosen up the topsoil with a drag or chain link fence. Do not till too deep as this will only bring more weed seeds to the surface.
  4. Using a hand or shoulder seeder, broadcast 4 lbs per acre of Big-N-Beasty.
    • Frigid Forage Pro Tip: It is crucial to not overseed. Set your seeder on one of the smallest settings, walk fast, and crank hard! It is better to go back and overlap then run out of seed too soon.
  5. Use a cultipacker, roller, or even your ATV tires to pack the field to ensure good seed/soil contact. You do not need to worry about covering the seed. If the seed is planted too deep, it will not grow.

For more in-depth planting instructions, view our Big-N-Beasty planting instructions here.

Weed Control Tips

  • If RoundUp is used prior to planting and under normal growing conditions, Big-n-Beasty grows fast enough that it should out-grow any weeds. If you do have a severe weed problem after germination, use a grass selective herbicide such as Select or Poast. This won’t help with broadleaf weeds but it will control grasses.
  • If you have sandy soil or want to improve any field, try planting an inexpensive Spring annual such as annual rye grass or rye grain. Plow under this “green fertilizer” a few weeks before planting. This practice is used by many crop farmers and will help condition your soil, gather nitrogen, control weeds and add organic material to your soil.
  • If you are concerned about having additional forage in the Spring, mix in a small amount of clover seed when planting the Big-N-Beasty. (no more than 1-2 lbs/acre) This is not a recommended strategy for creating a good clover field, but it does provide some additional Spring forage for the deer until you till the field again.

Big-N-Beasty Seeding Rate

The recommended seeding rate is 4 lbs per acre. Therefore, this 4 lb bag is suitable for 1 acre.

Product Specifications

Size: 4 lbs

Big-N-Beasty Seeding Rate: 4 lbs per acre

These blends and individual seeds are guaranteed and meet all the requirements and specifications of the US Dept of Agriculture. Each package lists the percent breakdown of the seed varieties in each pack. Each package is attractive for the customer, and contains information such as site preparation, planting instructions, plot maintenance, fertilizing, mowing, etc.

4 Reviews

  • 5
    Back for my third year in a row ordering the big n beasty

    Posted by Brian Hack on 13th Jul 2020

    I use the big n beasty for filling in bare spots around my food plots. It’s a great way for me to put the maximum amount of food in small areas. Very little soil prep work to get these seeds going. I spray to kill vegetation, scratch the ground up and broadcast. Literally all you need is seed to soil contact for these seeds to take off. Do NOT overseed! I made this mistake the first year I tried the big n beasty. Once my soybean and corn plots are eatn clean, my deer move to put a hurtn on the big n beasty. They will start munching on the tops of the plants after a good frost too. I live in NY State, and after we get snow, my big n beasty areas look like a bomb went off. My deer dig through the snow for them. I love this product.

  • 5
    Big n Beasty

    Posted by Keary Krupp on 4th Sep 2019

    I tried Big-Beasty for the first time this season and cant believe the results so far. My soil prep was minimal. One spraying, a light tilling, seed, starter fertilizer and cultipacked and the plot jumped out of the ground. I have a lush green plot that is over a foot tall after 4 weeks of growth and has choked out any weed growth. I would recommend Big-n-Beasty to anyone. Great product!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Sep 2017

    This stuff is about 18 inches high with leaves bigger than my boots. Turnips look to be about the size of a baseball and it's not even October yet. First time planting this stuff and very impressed. Thank you

  • 5
    Big and beasty

    Posted by Christopher Payne on 10th Oct 2016

    Awesome plot, has brought deer into property that we didn't even know was around, planted almost 2 acres of this, deer started eating leaves off od them about 6 weeks after growth, deer are walking over acorns to get to this stuff!!!, Haven't had a frost yet but doesn't seem to matter about that!!! Everyone needs at least 1 acre of this