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Plow Down Clover Description

The Plow Down Clover seed blend is a first of its kind blend of fast-growing annual and bi-annual clovers formulated to provide a green manure cover crop. It is ideal if you intend to plant a late-season annual, like Big and Beasty or Autumn Quick Plot. Learn more about Plow Down Clover.

This should be planted in the Spring and then plowed down before planting the Big-N-Beasty.

Big-N-Beasty Description

Our #1 selling food plot blend of 4 high protein forage rapes, forage turnips, daikon radishes, and sub-zero kale. It is an ideal food plot for veterans and beginners alike as it is an easy to grow blend that will draw deer during the hunting season while still providing nutrition deep into the winter months. If you're planting one food plot, this is the one for you. Learn more about Big-N-Beasty.

This should be planted in the Fall after you have plowed down the Plow Down Clover.