Plow Down Clover – 25 lb / 3 Acre Bag

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Plow Down Clover Description

The Plow Down Clover seed blend is a first of its kind blend of fast-growing annual and bi-annual clovers formulated to provide a green manure cover crop. It is ideal if you intend to plant a late-season annual, like Big and Beasty or Autumn Quick Plot.

When To Plant Plow Down Clover

Plow-Down Clover is best planted in early Spring to allow a longer growing time before it is plowed under.

  • The longer that Plow Down Clover is allowed to grow, the more Nitrogen for your soil.
  • Plow Down Clover can still be "frost" or "no-till" seeded closer to Spring green-up and once the ground is snow free.
  • When no-till seeding, you may want to increase the seeding rate to 10-12 lbs/acre.
  • We do not recommend a late Fall or Winter frost seeding with our Plow Down Clover.

How To Plant Plow Down Clover

  1. Till the soil with a plow, disk, or similar equipment to prepare a good seed bed to ensure good seed to soil contact. New fields that contain a lot of grass may need an application of RoundUp prior to tilling in order to keep the grasses from taking over your plot.
  2. Spread fertilizer
    • Soil should be fertile with a pH of 6.5 to 7.5. If you are not sure of your soils fertility or pH, have your soil tested. Your local farm co-op or fertilizer dealer can usually help with this or we have kits available on our website.
    • Fertilize at about 100-150 lbs/acre. An approximate blend around 6-24-24.
    • Apply either pelletized lime or ag lime as needed.
  3. Using a hand or shoulder seeder, broadcast 8-10 lbs per acre of Plow Down Clover.
  4. After seeding you can drag the seed bed, but do not cover the seed with more than ¼ inch of top soil.
    • Frigid Forage Pro Tip: Use a cultipacker, roller, or even your ATV tires to pack the field to insure good seed/soil contact. You do not need to worry about covering the seed. If the seed is planted too deep, it will not grow.
  5. Wait for rain! As with all plantings, the sooner it rains the better so watch your weather forecast and try to plant before a reasonable chance of rain.

For more in-depth planting instructions, view our Plow Down Clover planting instructions here.

Additional Tips

  • If you choose not to plow under your clover until next season that is just fine. You may want to mow it once or twice to encourage new fresh growth.
  • Use a plow to turn over your plot if you are able. Plowing the clover under and burying the stems and leaves is better for your plot than just disking them down.

Plow Down Clover Seeding Rate

The recommended seeding rate is 8-10 lbs per acre (10-12 lbs per acre if "no-till" seeding). Therefore, this 25 lb bag is suitable for 3 acres.

Product Specifications

Size: 25 lbs

Plow Down Clover Seeding Rate: 8-10 lbs per acre (10-12 lbs per acre if "no-till" seeding)

These blends and individual seeds are guaranteed and meet all the requirements and specifications of the US Dept of Agriculture. Each package lists the percent breakdown of the seed varieties in each pack. Each package is attractive for the customer, and contains information such as site preparation, planting instructions, plot maintenance, fertilizing, mowing, etc.