Forage Chicory 4lb / 1 Acre Bag

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Forage Chicory Description

Forage chicory is a long lasting, highly nutritious perennial forage. Very drought tolerant once established and does well in lighter soils. It is an excellent food plot choice and mixes well with clovers or alfalfa.

When To Plant Forage Chicory

Forage chicory is typically planted in early Spring or late Summer. However, it can be planted anytime during the growing season, as long as there is enough moisture to germinate and sustain the young plants as their roots get established.

How To Plant Forage Chicory

Forage Chicory is best if planted in a more traditional manner of working up the topsoil and eliminating any weed competition. Plots should be mowed and fertilized once or twice during the growing season. Chicory is also and excellent choice to mix with clovers or alfalfa. Do not frost seed forage chicory.

Forage Chicory Seeding Rate

The recommended seeding rate is 4 lbs per acre. Therefore, this 4 lb bag is suitable for 1 acre.

Product Specifications

Size: 4 lbs

Forage Chicory Seeding Rate: 4 lbs per acre

Caution: Do not frost seed forage chicory